Because fireplaces are used to make fires…not just for decoration! Let’s be honest, it’s not exactly tempting to go out in winter at the best of times. So if anything’s going to convince us to leave our cozy homes, it’s a fireplace and comfort food! Here’s a quick list of Port Elizabeth restaurants that ACTUALLY use their fireplaces. Take a look.

Now if only they all sold hot Gluhwien…

1. Blue Waters Café

It’s already the restaurant with the best view in PE, now add a working fireplace for winter and this place is almost unbeatable. With a menu full of crowd-favourites and a glass of red wine in hand, it’s bound to be a great experience.

port elizabeth blogger fireplace restaurant blue waters

This photo alone makes winter better already. Source: Blue Waters Cafe Facebook Page

2. Angelo’s Stanely Street

Unlike Angelos at the beachfront, this Angelos has their fire on almost daily in winter. Yes it’s a gas fire, but hey it does the trick. If you’re lucky enough, you can get the table right in front of the fire. But don’t worry if you don’t, their pizza oven at the back generates enough heat for the entire restaurant to keep warm and cozy.

port elizabeth blogger fireplace restaurant angelos

Nice table ladies…but we’re more interested in the table behind you, right next to the fireplace! Source: Angelos’ Artisan Stanley Facebook Page

3. Grass Roof

Yeah we know it’s a bit of a drive, but the food alone is worth it. Oh and the dual sided fireplace. Check it out…

port elizabeth blogger restaurants fireplace grassroof

We’re jealous of that guy. Source: Grass Roof Facebook page


4. Beer Yard

Richmond Hill…check! Old school house…check! Fireplace…check! Comfort food…check! Beer…check! Live music…check! Winter perfection…check!

Cheque…no you can keep that.

port elizabeth blogger restaurants with fireplaces beeryard

Guinness + Fireplace = GENIUS. Source: BeerYard Facebook Page

5. Savages

We haven’t been there since their fireplace is up and running, but we are so glad they made the effort to get that thing working. Their menu is to die for already, so adding a blazing fire to the mix and we are…well… dead (from excitement)

port elizabeth blogger restaurants fireplace savages

White fireplace. Come on. Can Savages be anymore trendy? Source: Savages Facebook Page


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